Porsche 906 – Japanese GP – 1967 – White Poster


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Features the winning Porsche 906 driven by Tetsu Ikuzawa during the 1967 Japanese GP. Uses the latest 3D modelling technology to design the poster.

Porsche 906 at Japanese GP

Tetsu Ikuzawa is one of Japan’s most beloved race car drivers and a true icon in the history of motorsports. In 1967, he won the Japan Grand Prix as a privateer in his No.8 Porsche 906, beating the Prince team and becoming a local racing hero. Now, we are proud to introduce a Limited Edition poster that pays tribute to Ikuzawa’s iconic Porsche 906. With its off-white body, yellow hood, and yellow rear panel, this car is a symbol of Ikuzawa’s determination, skill, and passion for racing.

The Porsche 906 is not only a symbol of Ikuzawa’s legacy but also an important piece of Japanese motorsports history. The 1967 Japan Grand Prix marked a turning point in the competition between Japanese and European automakers, and Ikuzawa’s victory was a triumph of skill and determination over established power.

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