Sacred Halls. The Secret Vehicle Collection from Mercedes-Benz Book

Delius Klasing

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A depot full of stars – the secret treasure chambers of Mercedes-Benz

Polished chrome, gleaming curves and stars shining silver everywhere – what is presented to the viewer in this illustrated book is paradise for Mercedes fans. However, where the spectacular recordings were made is top secret.

Anyone who has visited the Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart knows only a fraction of the huge vehicle collection that belongs to Mercedes-Benz Classic. In secret locations outside of the city are the “holy halls” of the car brand: veritable treasure chambers, the contents of which seem like the embodiment of sports car history.
The crème de la crème of silver stars is parked here, from racing legends and state cars to collectors’ items with famous previous owners and prototypes that have never been shown – strictly guarded and inaccessible to the public.

Cars that tell stories

For Christof Vieweg, the gates of the Mercedes treasure chambers have now been opened for the first time. The result is a fascinating illustrated book with exclusive photos and stories about the special vehicles from over 100 years of Mercedes history:

  • Cars with special technology and equipment
  • Special Mercedes models: from Carl Benz’s first automobile to the self-driving research car
  • One-offs and prototypes that never went into series production
  • 12 particularly interesting racing and record-breaking cars in detail, including the first Silver Arrow from 1934

Many of these well-kept treasures are presented for the first time in large format photographs, exciting background stories and lively photo reports.

You’ve never seen Mercedes like this!

Please note that this book is written in German.

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