The Coasters Set x4 in Roasted

Café Leather

85 $

Our vegetable-tanned leather coasters are handcrafted using the finest 3mm leather. They come with a leather wrapper made with a single leather piece and a Cobrax Original button to make them portable and save them securely. With the pass of time, because of the natural tannings, the leather will evolve creating a unique and beautiful patina that you’ll love more and more with each day of use. We don’t split the leather (3mm thickness), so this will let you use them a million times. They will last a lifetime and share the best memories with you and your family.

Our Specialty leather is 100% vegetable tanned. It comes only and exclusively from sustainable processes, following a rigorous selection process and using only artisanal methods. This leather will evolve and create a unique patina that will give it a very personal touch.

Premium Vegetable-Tanned Leather
Hand-painted edges
Cobrax Original close up
3mm Thickness Leather
Set of 4 coasters
Handcrafted in Spain

Sick and tired of planned obsolescence, we make our products to last, like in the old times. Products based on the best raw materials, and the best artisan hands. If you receive a defective product or encounter damage beyond normal wear and tear, we offer free repairs and/or replacements.

Please Note:

Leather is a natural material that varies in color, appearance, and texture. All products will go through a natural color change because of the vegetable tanning process. Due to this natural dye, each specialty good will evolve, creating a unique patina that will give it a very personal touch. Please expect variations in tones and appearance. Café can’t guarantee that the color shown portrays the true color of the product.

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