Opinari Coffee To-Go Mug


37 $

Cars and Coffee – an unmistakable match. Besides the fact that both individual subjects are fascinating, the two combined are also the name of a well-known phenomenon along car drivers worldwide who talks about cars, meet like-minded drivers, and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee. (In case you haven’t heard of these events yet, try to find one in your surrounding, it’s worth the effort!)

Inspired by “Cars” and “Coffee”, and to help you to get your engine started in the morning, we are introducing the OPINARI coffee to-go mugs.

Our coffee mugs are fully made of porcelain, have a glossy logo and matt two-tone color design, and are finished with a silicone banderole resembling a tire profile. These mugs are limited to 100 pieces, so get your hands on one of them and enjoy your Car(s) and Coffee in a better way.

Drive Better. Drive in Style.

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