2018 Budapest-Bamako The Great African Run

2018 Budapest-Bamako The Great African Run

Tour / Rally

  • Start: 2018-01-12 08:00 (GMT+01:00) Budapest
  • End: 2018-01-28 23:55 (GMT+00:00) UTC


Website: http://www.budapestbamako.org/en/route

2018 Destination: Gambia

In 2018 the off-road mayhem continues from the heart of Europe to the soul of West Africa. Join the 8000 kilometer mad dash from Europe across the Sahara. Make lasting friendships and test your personal limits. The legend returns in 2018 to the Gambian capital, Banjul.

Where the Dakar left off…
The once legendary Dakar Rally has left one spiritual heir in Africa. The Budapest-Bamako keeps the flame of trans-Saharan driving adventures alive. The start is not Paris, the finish is not Dakar, the costs are not the same, but the experience and the spirit of adventure has not changed. Bump along the teeth rattling roads of Morocco. Tackle the golden dunes of Mauritania. Dash through the red clay roads of Mali under ancient baobab trees. Year after year, the Budapest-Bamako is a demanding epic adventure.

Rocky roads. Sahara. Savannah.
The start in Budapest is a major event with thousands lining the streets of the Hungarian capital. The route takes you through Austria, Italy, France and Spain along the coast. Teams drive on paved and offroad sections through Morocco, Mauritania and Mali before reaching Bamako. No one has to go home for not being able to complete a stage. There are shortcuts and detours along the way so everyone can make it Bamako.

Friends. Parties. Deserts.
The Budapest-Bamako is about community. It’s about meeting new people. It’s about sharing meals, drinks and stories at the end of each day. It’s about visiting local villages in Africa bringing gifts and learning about each other. It is about destroying stereotypes. It is also about having a good time.