Off-Road Buggy Drive Las Vegas, 2 Seater – 30 Minutes Driving Experience


175 $

Off Road Dune Buggy Drive Experience Mojave Desert Las Vegas

The desert is your playground during this 30 minute exhilarating experience behind the wheel of a buggy. You will be driving in a two seat buggy so bring a friend along and impress them with your off road skills the whole time or switch seats half way through to see who has the best off road driving skills. Don’t take too long switching seats though or the lead buggy will leave you in the dust, forcing you to go extra hard to catch up.

Upon arrival you will be briefed on the specs of your buggy, given some tips on the trails from your guide and then you will be strapped into your seat and you’re off! After the briefing you will have useful knowledge of your vehicle and terrain so you will feel completely confident challenging yourself to really experience what off road buggy driving is all about.

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