NASCAR Ride, 3 Laps – Atlanta Motor Speedway Driving Experience


189 $

Atlanta Motor Speedway 3 Lap Nascar Experience

On your mark! Get set! Go! Jump in to the passenger seat as you ride shotgun in a real NASCAR racecar with a pro driver behind the controls. The car you’ll ride in has actually been driven by the likes of Dale Jr., Gordon, and Johnson, to name a few. Head out to Atlanta Motor Speedway for three hot laps on the track.

You will experience the power, acceleration, braking and cornering abilities of these superb racing cars, whilst sat in the passenger seat with a professional racing driver at the wheel. After a safety briefing you’ll buckle into your 5-point harness and bucket seat, before accelerating rapidly out of the pits and you’re off!

You’ll experience 3 fast, hot laps on the 1.54 mile, quad-oval track of the Atlanta Motor Speedway, located just outside of Atlanta. These cars are the real deal! They’re race-built from the ground up and are the same cars driven by some of your favorite NASCAR drivers.

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