Bernd Reuters. Pioneer of Modern Automotive Advertising Graphics Book

Delius Klasing

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At the very latest, the friends of two great icons of German automotive engineering – VW Type 1 and 2, Beetle and Bulli – will know and appreciate Bernd Reuters’ work. His graphics, brochures and manuals from the 1950s shaped the stylistically the advertising of the Volkswagen Group in the post-war and economic miracle period and helped give the former Nazi production facility a new, more sympathetic face.

Few will know, however, that Bernd Reuters had already matured into an important commercial artist before the war, whose influence could be seen and felt around the world. At a young age he illustrated texts by important authors such as Erich Maria Remarque, drew for well-known magazines such as “Das Magazin”, “Motor”, “Echo Continental” or “Sport im Bild” – mostly against an automotive background – and designed advertisements for companies such as the Camera manufacturer Ernemann or the Sektkellerei Henkell & Co. But his work for well-known automobile manufacturers from Germany and abroad – such as Adler, Auto Union, Opel, Brennabor, Röhr, Ford, Lincoln or Wolseley – helped him to achieve his breakthrough and also allowed him beyond the influence the automotive world.

Even if – or precisely because – Bernd Reuters shares the fate of many of his colleagues and has fallen into oblivion as the “man behind it” as the creator of the advertising products that are highly valued by collectors today, Werner Schollenberger dedicated many years of research and work to him and with the present work a well-deserved memorial.
With well over 1000 illustrations, he not only documents the life and work of this pioneer of modern advertising graphics and gives us a vivid idea of ​​his artistic and technical precision and versatility, but also takes us on a journey through the printing and design possibilities of the pre-war period. Even today it is impressive to see the effort with which some self-confident manufacturers wooed their customers. Bernd Reuters was always the best choice for the right conception and successful implementation.

Please note that this book is written in German.

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