Formula One – The Real Score? Book


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A rewriting of the records of Formula One and its best drivers to include every race of equivalent standard to the official World Championship rounds. New venues and winners (real and moral) discovered and assessed.

The real score!

Filling the many gaps in Formula 1 records, this book re-writes the racing history books.

The history of F1 can be neatly divided into two eras, the first formally ending January 1980 when the terms `Grand Prix` and `World Championship` became synonymous, although there would be three more non-championship races after that date. However, up to January 1973 OVER HALF of F1 races were NOT included in the Championship results for the spurious reason that each country should have just a single F1 race.

The classification of many F1 races as ‘non-Championship’ did a disservice to the achievements of drivers of the Fangio, Moss, Clark and Stewart era and, even more-so, to the four pre-Championship years which began in 1946. When, today, a commentator says “Rosberg’s 16th win equals the F1 wins of Stirling Moss” this is manifestly untrue. If the same drivers, in the same F1 cars, compete at the same tracks, and over a similar distance, then each race deserves to have its place in the records as a ‘Championship quality’ event. This book includes such races alongside contemporary Championship races and, combined with known figures since 1980, produces what can surely be accepted as ‘The Real Score’ of Formula 1.

  • SEVEN HUNDRED pre-January 1984 races including over 380 unfairly forgotten races are recorded in this book!
  • All race series equivalent to F1 included: Tasman; Intercontinental; Temporada
  • All eligible races graded against `Championship quality`
  • Every front grid row, podium finisher and fastest lap identified where known
  • Annual diaries from 1947 to 1972, plus a handful of non-Championship twilight years races, show who drove what, and for whom
  • Annual reviews, both championship and full season, showing quantity and quality of victories
  • A new factor – Races `Lost to Lady Luck` 1946-2016 discovered and listed
  • Now SEVENTY years of starts, wins and losses finds 137 drivers’ `proven strike capability`
  • Over FIFTY new names added to F1 winners record – one with 19 wins!
  • Strange discoveries such as: When Ferrari first led a Formula One race, of what nationality was the driver?
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