BRUMMM #2 Book


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BRUMMM is a bi-annual visual feast for any and every motorcycle lover. The tempting bookazine acts as both an archive and platform for outstanding motorcycle photography: an event rarely found in the popular magazine world. A glimpse through the eyes of photographers who possess a notorious passion for purring engines, this collection of images promises to convey personal stories, provide exclusive insights into otherwise closed collector garages, preserve archival treasures, and capture iconic events. BRUMMM encapsulates a timeless experience, one which will be taken from your shelf time and time again. BRUMMM #2 is the much-anticipated second installment of the bookazine: the volume captures the artistry of photography alongside the palpable adrenaline of a motorcycle ride. French photographer Larry Niehues captures the grit and the allure of the American West; Los Angeles, Redlands, and Joshua Tree reveal themselves in a gentle-focus upon Niehues’ vintage Nikons and expired film. Susan Mclaughlin and Paul D’Orleans used wet plates and a mobile darkroom to photograph the Cannonball Endurance Rally in 2016: a 3400-mile rally of century-old, collectible motorcycles shot with a photography technique that dates over one hundred years. Ferruccio Testi’s breathtaking images from the April 1923 Giro Motociclistico d’Italia resurface in this latest issue of BRUMMM. These captivating images speak of the motorcycle rallies of the past and of their undying spirit.

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