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At Dyler, we are thrilled to present VELOCE, a distinguished brand that encapsulates the very essence of automotive culture and shares our enthusiasm for all things motor-related. With an expansive collection of high-quality products, VELOCE offers an immersive experience for automobile enthusiasts and casual fans alike.

Established in 1991, VELOCE has cemented its reputation as a leading publisher of automotive books, covering a wide range of topics from marque histories to motorsports, restoration guides, and more. Driven by a team of passionate authors, photographers, and automotive experts, VELOCE has dedicated itself to delivering the most insightful and visually stunning literature to enhance your automotive knowledge and appreciation.

With over 600 titles in their library, VELOCE caters to the interests of every automotive aficionado, whether you’re a classic car enthusiast, a motor racing devotee, or a DIY restorer. Each book is meticulously crafted, with in-depth research, striking photography, and expert storytelling to provide a captivating and informative reading experience.

In addition to their comprehensive book selection, VELOCE also offers a range of exclusive merchandise, including stylish apparel, accessories, and memorabilia. Their collection is designed to allow fans to express their automotive passion and showcase their love for the world of cars and motorsports.

Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of VELOCE, where automotive culture is celebrated, stories are shared, and dreams are ignited. Uncover the rich history and captivating tales behind the vehicles you adore, and expand your horizons in the realm of motorsports, classic cars, and restoration.

Discover VELOCE’s unparalleled selection of automotive literature and merchandise today, available exclusively through Dyler, your premier destination for all aspects of automotive lifestyle and culture. Feed your passion and immerse yourself in the captivating world of VELOCE.