Klasing’s Car Books Volume 1. Adjustment and Treatment of the Carburetor Book

Delius Klasing

10 $

The correct composition of the gas mixture and the setting of a carburetor for an ideal speed in connection with economical fuel consumption have to be learned! In Volume 1 of the Klasings Auto books series, engineer Georg v. Reichenbach informs the reader about the “adjustment and treatment of the carburettor” of his car and gives helpful tips for rectifying carburettor faults.

About the series:
Klasing’s car books were published regularly from 1914 and informed car owners about the maintenance, care and repairs of their own vehicles. 100 years later, the little books offer a lot of entertainment value and let us marvel at the repairs that the owner could carry out himself at the time. In the Edition Monsenstein & Vannerdat, the first volume of the series, which is now often out of print, is now available as a facsimile edition.

Please note that this book is written in German.

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