The Siku Book

Delius Klasing

32 $

Model vehicles for young and old: childhood memories and fun

Almost fifteen million cars roll off the assembly line at this manufacturer every year – but Siku is not mentioned as a car manufacturer alongside Mercedes, BMW and Volkswagen. No wonder, after all, Siku cars are perfectly tailored to children’s hands. The small toy cars made of metal have been delighting car fans of all ages for six decades. They usually survive breathtaking accidents on the children’s room carpet unscathed and make it into the showcases of enthusiastic collectors.
Christian Blanck has captured the special charm of the Siku model cars in pictures for this anniversary volume. Rediscover your childhood favorite vehicles!

  • Siku through the ages: a success story
  • Numerous photos of models from six decades
  • Scratched or polished to a high gloss: From playmates with signs of use to Siku collector’s items
  • Perfect gift for enthusiasts: bibliophile-designed book for the brand anniversary

True to scale in the children’s room: The history of metal model vehicles

The numerous photos in this volume show Siku cars in their various roles. Some show the signs of many rear-end collisions, others have been lovingly modified and are now popular collectibles.
Enter the colorful Siku universe with this car book and meet well-known heroes in captivating scenarios!
Enthusiasm across generations: The little toy cars at their best – 60 years of brand history in a richly illustrated anniversary volume.

Please note that this book is written in German.

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