U Boat Roll Sweater

Heimat Textil

274 $

Knitted from a full kilogram of premium virgin wool, this weighty roll neck is our take on the classic submariners jumper, worn above and below the waves during WWII. Not only is the wool heavy, but so is the gauge s a hearty 5-gauge knit thats designed to keep you warm on even the coldest of days. Made from extra-long fibres, its highly resistant to pilling and will look continue to look fantastic even after years of regular wear, and unlike most knitwear producers we leave the natural oils in the wool yarn, meaning our jumpers have self-cleaning and water-resistant properties.

The sleeves and collar are attached by hand, which is more time consuming and labour intensive than using a standard machine stitch but results in a superior finish.
– 100% Virgin Wool
– Knitted in Germany
– 1kg of Wool
– 5-Gauge Knit
– Handsewn Sleeves and Collar
– Natural Self-Cleaning and Water-Resistant Properties
– Signature Stripe on Cuffs and Hem

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