Opel Love Book

Delius Klasing

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A German car brand celebrates its anniversary: Happy Birthday, Opel!

Opel is one of the oldest automobile manufacturers – with the patent motor car “System Lutzmann” a success story began in 1899 that continues to this day. Adam Opel originally started with the construction of sewing machines and bicycles. With the mass production of motor vehicles that were always affordable even for average earners, Opel finally cemented its reputation as a reliable car manufacturer and technical innovator.

  • Company history Opel: 125 models over 125 years
  • Entertaining, exciting and interesting facts about the German car brand Opel
  • Exclusive content: Written by branding expert Harald Hamprecht
  • Automobile history: Milestones in model development and prospects for the future
  • Gift for car lovers: high-quality illustrated book

From doctor’s car to Manta GSe at full speed

This anniversary volume presents 125 automotive milestones from 125 years of Opel: from the “Doktorwagen” and the “Tree Frog” to the “Opel Kadett”, the “Opel Kapitän” and the “Admiral” to the “GT Concept” and “Opel Manta”. GSe”. Central protagonists from the past and present of the brand have their say – and of course the fans, whose solidarity has not only been legendary since the manta mania of the 90s. This richly illustrated Opel book exclusively presents the car and motorsport history from Rüsselsheim – written by brand expert Harald Hamprecht. The perfect gift for all Opel fans!

Please note that this book is written in German.

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