Mille Miglia – one of the most beautiful classic car races in the world – is celebrating its anniversary, and to mark the occasion, the 90 Anni 1000 Miglia exhibition is being held in Brescia, Italy. The two principal features of the exhibition are real classic exhibits and cutting-edge virtual technology, which allows visitors to travel in time and learn about the historical cars that once participated in this race.

Among them are some very interesting and eccentric models. Touchscreens give visitors access to websites, photographs, videos, press releases and reviews, race routes, and the emotions of those times. All of this material was collected and presented by Automotive Masterpieces, in close collaboration with the Museo Mille Miglia.

In addition, the 30 cars on show at the museum itself are displayed in chronological order, so that visitors can learn more about the history and characteristics of each automobile. There are a variety of digital tools next to each car which provide extensive additional information about the specific model. The exhibition features BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and IoT (Internet of Things) technology, so the past actually does meet the future in the halls of the show.

90 years later, the significance of the Mille Miglia race on the Italian automotive industry and the country itself cannot be underestimated. It was one of the best platforms for the appeal of "Made in Italia" to blossom. From 1927 to 1957, it was one of the most prestigious and magnetic races in the world. The important thing is that some of the cars that bear witness to that romantic era will leave the Museo Mille Miglia, participate in this year's race on 18-21 May, and then return to their places in the exhibit. However, there won't be any empty spaces at the exhibition – while some cars are participating in races or historic rallies, others will take their place, so the show will be dynamic as well.

© Photos from Museo Mille Miglia

“The real challenge is to draw up a global census of the cars that have competed in the Mille Miglia over the years, a truly immense task that is still underway today. We have tried to forge a link between past and future and technology will be an integral part of the exhibition, helping us to involve a broader audience and to promote the history of the world’s most beautiful auto race. The mission of Automotive Masterpieces exhibitions lab is to make the motoring heritage digitally accessible, both to promote an exchange of ideas and knowledge and to develop further on our historical research”, says Sandro Binelli, general co-ordinator of Automotive Masterpieces, ex-Secretary General of the Mille Miglia from 2008 to 2012 and now the exhibition’s curator.

The exhibition is hosted in the Museo Mille Miglia (Brescia) to January 7, 2018, promoted by Automotive Masterpieces and the Museo Mille Miglia, with the patronage of the Automobile Club in Brescia.

© Photos from Museo Mille Miglia


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