The Mille Miglia, celebrated as one of the world's most exquisite classic car races, commemorates its milestone anniversary. In honor of this event, the "90 Anni 1000 Miglia" exhibition is taking place in Brescia, Italy. This exhibition uniquely blends authentic classic exhibits with advanced virtual technology, offering visitors an immersive journey through time to explore the historic vehicles that competed in this prestigious race.

Included in the exhibition are a variety of intriguing and unconventional models. Visitors can interact with touchscreens that provide access to a wealth of resources including websites, photographs, videos, press releases, critiques, details of race routes, and captures of the emotions from those eras. This comprehensive collection of materials has been curated and presented by Automotive Masterpieces, working in close partnership with the Museo Mille Miglia.

Moreover, the museum showcases a collection of 30 cars, arranged sequentially to offer visitors an insightful journey through the evolution and distinct features of each vehicle. Beside each automobile, an array of digital tools is available, offering comprehensive details about that particular model. The exhibition incorporates cutting-edge BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and IoT (Internet of Things) technologies, seamlessly blending history with the future in this unique display.

Ninety years on, the impact of the Mille Miglia race on Italy's automotive industry and the nation as a whole remains profound. It served as a prime showcase for the allure of "Made in Italia." From 1927 to 1957, this event was among the world's most prestigious and captivating races. Notably, some cars from that enchanting era will leave the Museo Mille Miglia to partake in this year's race from May 18 to 21, only to return to their exhibit spots afterwards. However, the exhibition will not experience any gaps – as some cars engage in races or historic rallies, others will replace them, ensuring that the exhibit remains dynamic and continuously refreshed.

© Photos from Museo Mille Miglia

As we mark ninety years since its inception, the Mille Miglia race continues to hold a significant place in the heart of Italy's automotive industry and its national identity. This event has been a pivotal stage for showcasing the charm of "Made in Italia" from 1927 to 1957, standing out as one of the most prestigious and alluring races globally. A notable feature of this year's event is that select cars from this romantic era will temporarily leave the Museo Mille Miglia to participate in the race scheduled for May 18-21, before returning to their spots in the exhibit. This ensures that the exhibition remains dynamic and ever-evolving, as other vehicles will step in to fill any temporary vacancies, creating a continuously engaging and updated display.

This exhibition, celebrating the storied Mille Miglia, is being held at the Museo Mille Miglia in Brescia until January 7, 2018. It is a collaborative effort between Automotive Masterpieces and the Museo Mille Miglia, and enjoys the support and patronage of the Automobile Club in Brescia.

© Photos from Museo Mille Miglia

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