The Christmas season is more or less upon us, and here in the UK, that means two things.

Firstly, the arrival of the festive season is a sign that Jeremy Clarkson will release a new book just in time for December 25th. Secondly, it’s the time of year when there will be an all-new, special episode of The Grand Tour.

Despite knowing fully what’ll happen, will you still watch it? Yes, of course, you will. We will too because it’s Clarkson, Hammond, and May.

And that got us thinking - despite the unfair association with the “HI GUYS” lot, YouTube is home to some of the best video-based car content around that can rival The Grand Tour in terms of striking the balance between entertainment, information, and messing around.

With that in mind, we listed four of our favourite Car YouTube channels below. Given you’re here reading this and you’ve got this far, we hope you enjoy watching and listening to them as much as we do.



There’s no unbiased way of saying this - Throttle House is ace. It’s filmed in Canada, and presented by Brit James Engelsman, and local Torontonian, Thomas Holland. Using Thomas’ previous knowledge as a filmmaker, Throttle House is wonderfully produced. In fact, the video comparing the 2020 Porsche 911 Carrera S with the 997 version of the car is one of the best produced videos on YouTube that we’ve ever seen. The biggest draw of Throttle House is that it doesn’t fall into the YouTube trap of just supercars, supercars, and more supercars. James and Thomas literally cover everything from the latest Audi R8 and , to spicier versions of everyday cars such as The Thoughtful Car For Thoughtful People (the Volkswagen Passat), and the all-conquering Toyota 4Runner. With the addition of some Anglo Saxon humour added to the already-awesome visuals and the show’s wide spectrum of cars, then Throttle House should be on your list. It’s also an exercise in going for what you want in life. James revealed to that his role on the how came about after he messaged his now co-presenter saying that his original YouTube content “was a bit s**t” and he could help improve it. Some two years later, and Throttle House now boasts over 1m subscribers. To watch the episode that James described as his favourite, then click the thumbnail above. To subscribe to the channel, click here.


Top Gear's Chris Harris life of cars part 1 // The Jonny Smith Late Brake Show

Until recently, The Late Brake Show was known as CarPervert. Don’t worry though, despite the switch to the more commercially friendly moniker, The Late Brake Show, it’s still presented by Jonny Smith, and it’s everything you came to expect from the original show and more. The fun of CarPervert still remains as does Jonny’s enthusiasm for all types of cars. Since The Late Brake Show launched towards the end of summer this year, he has filmed a resto-mod Ferrari 250 GTO a, 2800bhp Aston Martin, several EVs, his wife’s 1990 Nissan Figaro, and a wonderful Honda S600 he’d been restoring for a couple of years. The nicest thing about The Late Brake Show is that it’s a showcase of Jonny’s gift as an interviewer. His infectious personality and a couple of knackered leather chairs from a trailer to engage in “Idol Chat” with some legendary names from the car world including former Aston Martin and Jaguar designer Ian Callum, as well as Top Gear frontman, Chris Harris has given the car world some of the most engaging and insightful interviews we’ve seen. Ever. To watch it, click the video above and don’t forget to subscribe to The Late Brake Show because Jonny is one of the hardest-working-yet-nicest guys in the car world.


Pod 28 - Live from Goodwood Smith and Sniff Smith and Sniff • 5.8K views 1 month ago

We’ve covered Smith and Sniff before, and had the pleasure of interviewing presenters Jonny Smith and Richard Porter earlier this year. On the face of it, Smith and Sniff isn’t that much about cars - it’s two very accomplished car journalists talking about everything from the Goodwood Festival of Gout, old money cars, Karun Chandhok’s breakfast, to “unsolicited bellend,”, drinking shampoo, and the cool factor oozed by a binman with a lit cigarette whilst hanging off the back of a dustcart. Despite the undeniable appeal of listening to two middle-aged men creatively swear - Smith and Sniff is the only place we have heard “merry f*ck!” used - and “talk utter horseshit” for the best part of an hour, the podcast is underpinned by an element of genius. Don’t forget that Richard was the Script Writer for Clarkson-era Top Gear, and it’s a position he still holds on The Grand Tour. If, then, you’ve laughed at Clarkson’s ability to simultaneously say nothing yet everything about a car in the past, the gag was probably written by Richard. When a new episode of Smith and Sniff is released each Monday, you’re guaranteed a much needed, unscripted laugh. Subscribe here!


Lancia 037 Group-B '83 WRC winning car & Beta VX on-road review. Greatest supercharged Lancias ever

He may not be the first big car name that springs to mind, but Harry Metcalfe is just as important as anyone else we’ve mentioned on this list so far. A kindly looking, 62-year-old agricultural type, Harry is one of the most influential people in UK car journalism - after all, he’s one of the founders of EVO magazine, which is aimed at performance cars and published internationally in over 14 countries globally. In his channel, Harry’s Garage, he celebrates “the world’s most characterful cars” which are more often than not, something rather fast and rather expensive - for example, previous episodes include an epic road trip to the South of France in a Ferrari 812 Superfast, a journey to the North Pole in a 1969 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow. Harry also boasts a seriously impressive car collection of over 20 cars which includes a Pagani Zonda, a Lotus Esprit Turbo, and a Lamborghini Espada. Our favourite episode of Harry’s Garage is the one in the link above that features the Group B Lancia 037. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe.

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