Porsche 911 Carrera 6 Lap Drive – Arizona Motorsports Park Driving Experience


625 $

Drive a Porsche 911 on the sweeping, smooth Arizona Motorsports Park in Phoenix!

The experience: professional race car drivers will instruct you on the fundamentals of performance driving. Tight turns and impressive straights abound so you’ll be able to test all the strengths of a Porsche 911. You’ll be behind the wheel of the car for a full 6 laps around the track.

The Car: The legendary Porsche 911 Carrera with 3.4 Litre flat 6 with coupe body and GT3 race suspension is celebrating over 50 years of kicking ass. Voted the #2 Coolest Car of All Time by Automobile Magazine.

The Track: The Arizona Motorsports Park is a smooth, wide track with sweeping turns. 2.25 miles long with 16 turns, this is the perfect track for your 6 lap session in a Ford GT40.

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