According to Dmitriy Shibarshin, marketing head at West Coast Shipping, getting a precious car shipped from another country to your own is nothing less than putting a puzzle together. He represents the West Coast Shipping, a company that has already collected, moved and delivered some of the most expensive cars of the world, including but not limited to a Jaguar E-Type from 1963, a Lamborghini Miura P400 from 1972, a Ferrari 330GT from 1964 etc.

He said every precious and exotic car that is delivered from coast to coast needs to be handled by specialized service providers because each car need to be dealt with differently.

The whole process of moving a car from one country to another and then into the owner’s hands is a complex process, but that does not have to be a customer’s concern. A customer is only concerned about three things and rightly so: the car must be shipped on time, it must not receive any damages and the customs process should be handled professionally.

Shibarshin said this business cannot exist without trust, because to enthusiast customers, these cars are like their own children.

If you have such a delivery coming in future, here is how you will go about the process as a customer:

1. Research is important

There are many companies providing cargo services, but not all of them deal with international moves. There are many companies that specifically deal with international moves. It is your right to check and investigate any company that is on your list of possible future business relations to avoid getting scammed as.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration hotline is a great way to know how authentic a shipper is. Take quotes and compare them, but don’t be scared of spending a few extra bucks. Saving too much and giving your baby in the hands of a non-specialized shipper could result in scratches, dents and unsightly damages to your car.

2. Make up your mind on transport type

Deciding whether you want your precious car transported covered or uncovered can be quite a difficult decision. When you get it transported uncovered it will cost you less, but the risks of weather damages and other elements will be higher.

Covered transport is expensive, but ensures that your vehicle comes to you shining like a jewel. It is also recommended that you leave instructions for drivers of the shippers if your car requires special handling.

3. The Better the service, the higher the cost

The more convenience you want during shipping, the more you will have to pay for it. You could choose to pick your car yourself from the port or hub where it arrives because it costs less. The company can do the job for you, but of course you will have to pay for that. Just keep in mind the troubles you might come across if you choose to pick it yourself.

4. Aspects that add to your expenses

Before you get your car shipped, you will have to know about all the different aspects that could add to your expenses. Air freight rises with the weight of your automobile, whereas sea cargo gets expensive with the volume of your car. You could look for other people having their cars shipped and try to split the costs with them if you have to pay for a container.

Karin was designed around a three-seater interior layout where the driver sits in the middle

5. It does not happen abruptly

Automobile shipping is a complex process and requires time for shipping companies to complete it. Whether it’s a boat or a truck, companies have to operate on a pre-specified schedule. Your automobile will have to arrive whenever the next truck or boat is about to leave so you will have to wait for a month or two at times. It’s the international shipping that takes the longest mostly.

6. Car Inspection is crucial

Whenever you are moving something from one point to another, a preliminary inspection is crucial. It applies to when you are moving the furniture and items in your house during relocation. You do this inspection because you want to make sure that your items have arrived to the destination in the same shape, form and number as they were at the departure time. Write down details of any scratches, dents, etc. that might be on your car. You don’t want any more or less of them.

7. International shipping is risky

International shipping is risky in that it poses more threats to your automobile during handling, loading and unloading. It is best that you only go for the most professional shippers even if you have to pay more. Shibarshin from West Coast Shipping says only companies that have been in this business for years know when and what to do in order to make shipping on time. If you are dealing with an inexperienced shipper, you could even expect your automobile to completely disappear from the containers into thin air or salty sea waters.

8. Shipping mode

You can either have your automobile shipped by air or by sea. Shipping in the sea waters costs much less than shipping through the planes. However, handling of items is much more professional with air shipping. Risks of getting your items damaged are higher when you go for shipping by sea. Once again, you will have to pay more to get more convenience.

9. Don’t forget insurance

If you have contacted the right shipping company that means serious business, you will find out that they have their own insurance to guarantee the safety of your items. However, you should have your own insurance in place to avoid any unpleasant incidents. When it comes to shipping precious items, the key point to keep in mind is “play it safe”.


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