Cobra Repliracer 6 Lap Drive – Houston Grandsport Speedway Driving Experience


675 $

Cobra FFR Open Cockpit: The ultimate in exhilaration. Maybe you’ve driven some high performance machines in your day. Maybe you’ve even taken a professional race car out on a real track and floored it…reaching speeds over 130, 140 mph.

But if you’ve never experienced open cockpit racing, in a real Shelby Cobra FFR, my friend, you haven’t driven yet.

Because 100 mph in an open cockpit, feels like 130 mph in a regular closed cockpit machine. 120 feels like 160. 130 feels like… well, numbers don’t tell the story, you just have to experience it!

Strap into the Cobra FFR Spec Racer and get ready for a driving adventure unlike anything you, or your friends, have ever experienced!

The Car: The Shelby Cobra FFR Spec Racer with 302 cubic inch fuel injected, 5 speed with FFR race suspension with a top speed of 165 mph! The ultimate in open cockpit adventure.

The Track: Don’t Settle for a Glorified Parking Lot Ride! Get real racetrack driving at Houston’s Racing Adventures. The Grandsport Speedway was built specifically for the Cobra back in the 1960s. Grandsport boasts a the smooth surface and challenging corners that will challenge the driving skills of even the most experienced professionals.

Jump into the open cockpit and drive this historical speedster!

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