The Ferrari Mondial: A Unique Classic Car

Since its introduction in 1980, the Ferrari Mondial has faced criticism for not adhering to the typical Ferrari characteristics. It has been described as hefty and less agile compared to its sharper siblings, the 308 and 208. Additionally, it didn't possess the same power as the 512 BB. These negative reviews led to the Mondial being less desirable than its contemporaries. However, this article aims to shed light on the unique appeal of the Mondial for classic car enthusiasts.

One of the primary criticisms of the Mondial upon its debut was its lackluster performance, particularly in the US-spec model. Strict emission standards resulted in a meager 214 bhp output from its 3.0 V8 engine, making it slower than competitors like the Lamborghini Jalpa and Porsche 928, which were also more affordable. While its 0-100 km/h sprint time of just under 10 seconds may seem unimpressive by today's standards, it's important to note that improvements were made in subsequent iterations, such as the 1982 Mondial Quattrovalvole.

Despite its relatively low power output, the Mondial offers a unique driving experience, allowing enthusiasts to savor the sound of its small V8 revving while navigating its gated shifter. With its vintage charm, the Mondial isn't meant to compete in terms of speed but rather to be cherished as a classic car .

The original USA spec Mondial 8 was criticized for lacking power
The original USA spec Mondial 8 was criticized for lacking power
© Ferrari

The Mondial's weight, approximately 1.5 tons, prevented it from being a lightweight sports car. Its longer wheelbase and taller stature, compared to other Ferrari models, contributed to its stability and forgiving handling, making it suitable for drivers who may not possess razor-sharp reflexes. In a way, the Mondial's unconventional design added an element of practicality to the Ferrari lineup.

The Mondial stands out as an atypical Ferrari, featuring a 4-seater mid-engine V8 layout that defied automotive norms. The Mondial Cabriolet, produced from 1983 to 1993, remains the only production four-seater cabriolet with a mid-mounted engine. This unique quirkiness adds to its appeal for those who appreciate automotive diversity.

The price of Ferrari Mondial

One of the most compelling aspects of the Mondial is its affordability. You can become the proud owner of a red mid-engined Ferrari with pop-up headlights and tan leather interior for approximately EUR 30,000. This price point is usually associated with more common classics like MGs or Mustangs, making the Mondial an exceptional value for a true exotic car.

While it's true that maintaining a 30+-year-old Ferrari can be costly, the Mondial is relatively easier on the wallet compared to other exotics. Its design includes a detachable subframe section for transmission and engine, simplifying access and routine servicing. Furthermore, the Mondial's prices have likely reached their lowest point and are poised to appreciate in the future, unlike other Ferraris from the same era, which have already seen significant value increases.

Although the Mondial may not be the fastest or most powerful Ferrari, it remains a genuine member of the prestigious Ferrari family. Contrary to some critics' opinions, its unique attributes make it a sensibly priced Ferrari that appeals to both the heart and the wallet of enthusiasts.

1987 Ferrari 3.2 Mondial Coupe, a mid-engine masterpiece


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