Ferrari 458 Italia 3 Lap Drive at Arizona Motorsports Park Driving Experience


429 $

Ferrari Driving Experience Arizona

This Ferrari Driving Experience takes you to Arizona Motorsports Park near Phoenix for 3 exhilarating laps where YOU drive a Ferrari 458 Italia on the race track.

With Ferrari’s history of the world racing scene and its dedication to combining speed and precision the 458 Italia is a perfect example of their success. With a 4.5L V8 nearly 570hp engine, the Italia is the perfect balance of precision handling and aggressive speed. Hitting top speeds over 200mph, this car guarantees satisfaction to the speed demon in everyone.

But at the Arizona Motorsports Park, you’ll have the chance to do more than just put the pedal to the metal. With 1.3 miles of asphalt and 9 heart-stopping turns on the west track, this race track gives drivers of all levels the opportunity to test their driving skills at handling a machine of this caliber. After a brief introduction session to familiarize you with the 458’s features, driving techniques, and the particulars of the track, you’ll hit the track for 3 laps of power and speed!

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